Open Resources, with the support by Centro Servizi per il Volontariato Treviso and the Council of Treviso has organizes activities around the theme of the bicycle:

The bicycle is the most used mean of transportation by refugees and asylum seekers. For this reason we have considered fundamental to organize a workshop and to provide a space in order to teach how to repair a bicycle and provide the tools to do so.

The workshop has been structured in three cycles (for a total of 45 hours), each made by 5 weekly sessions of 3 hours each for a total of 20 attendants.

The activities will take place in Treviso at the “La Bisatta”, a recently restored and reopened self-organized space managed by Open Resources.

General and specific objectives:

The general objective for the project is to create a technical and practical workshop that can stimulate the condition for a social exchange between the people frequenting the space (refugees, bicycle amateurs, etc.).

The specific objectives are:
–  Design and creation of the workshop
–  A better understanding of the bycicle and its parts
–  Learn basic skills on simple repairing and maintenance of your own bicycle.
–  Increase a general awareness on the Bicycle considered both as a mean of transportation and a lifestyle.
–  Raise awareness on a safe use of the bicycle on the road.

Each course will take place from:

  • Every saturday starting from the 25th of November 2017.

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