Open Resources – with the support by  Centro Servizi per il Volontariato Treviso and the Comune di Treviso – has organized a Baking course  led by Alberto Bernardi.

After the successful workshops previously organized within the activities of Estiamo Insieme, in which 20 asylum seekers had participated to a basic workshop, Open Resources has offered a specific course on bread-making.

In this occasion, three advanced courses of 40 hours and for 15 beneficiaries have been organized.

The activities will take place in one of the structures offered by the Treviso Council and it will be led by Alberto Bernardi, baking master who has already organized the previous courses.

General and Specific objectives:

– Training in bread-making for 15 beneficiaries who are in a situation of marginality.
– Skill acquisition by the 15 beneficiaries in the production of bread.
– Promotion of an inclusive system aiming at providing working prospectives and social inclusion.
– Promotion of voluntary projects aiming at improving the situation of refugees.

The courses took places:

  • from the 20th of November. 
  • from the 11th of December.
  • from the 22th of January. 

Expected results

At the end of the project the 15 beneficiaries:

  • Will be able to work in the bread-making field with professional methods (use of professional mixers and ovens)
  • They will received an attendance certificate that will certify the acquisition of professional skills.


The 15 beneficiaries will be refugees (with international protection status, humanitarian and subsidiary)  living in a situation of marginality. For instance the beneficiaries will be selected with the partnership with the homeless services and the structures hosting refugees.

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