Open Resources

Open Resources is an association focused on social promotion, born in 2016 in accordance with an idea carried out during the Urban Innovation Bootcamp, organized by the Ca Foscari University of Venice.

Open Resources is aiming to promote projects related to social inclusion enhancing the urban development through regeneration activities, such as training and skills paths. In this way, Open Resources aims to recover the existing real estate and to include refugees work wise. There is a lack of real planning related to the refugees welcoming which could provide a suitable solution in terms of offered services and outcomes.

The ones who get to obtain the status of international protection risk, in the majority of cases, end up living in the street without any mean of sustentation or suitable support networks. Open Resources offers support paths addressed to life projects based on education, work and cohabitation with young italians.


Open Resources activated several collaborations with institutions operating in the social innovation and urban regeneration. We already started some partnership with Human Foundation, cooperativa La Esse, Clinica Urbana, Mani Tese, Università Ca’ Foscari di Venezia e Comune di Treviso.


Moreover, Open Resources promotes many sensibilisation, social inclusions and aggregation event

Social inclusion of refugees throughout cultural activities and professional paths.

Professional path for a better integration into the world of work.